Each tea is sourced from organically and ethically grown plantations, carefully blended and packed to create the perfect cup.

NOSTEALGIA sprouted from the like minds of two young graduates who have decided upon making tea the coolest beverage of their generation. While working on the Darjeeling tea industry, the unique flavor of the hills charmed them to take up an initiative which would help people, near and wide, to savor the goodness of tea.

Hence the onset of NOSTEALGIA, a small venture in Indian and Nepalese tea. Eventually its branches have extended to reach all kinds of teas  from all across the world.

Words From The Co-Owners


Tathagata Samanta

“Cha, Chai, Tea! It is an uncompromisable part in our regular Indian diet. Born in one of the oldest tea manufacturing states in India, I grew up around tea enthusiasts. So, developing a special knack for this particular drink was only but evident. Selling tea is nothing but an extended opportunity for me to let people know about the goodness of tea. Cheers!”

Souvik Nandy

“Tea is the most fascinating beverage to me. Being a Bengali I have a soft corner for bhaarer cha but I didn’t want to limit myself there. This led me to acquire vivid knowledge about the interesting species of plant viz. camellia sinensis. Thus, I set the journey of Nostealgia. Tea is not my business, it’s my PASSION!”

We import 100% organic spices using Fair Trade options whenever available. All imported spices are required to go through a sterilization process before being sold in the United States. Most spice companies sterilize using synthetic chemicals or radiation. Spicely Organics uses a process called steam sterilization, which sterilizes food products without adding any chemicals or hazardous materials.